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What our clients are saying

Desiree, CA

"April's framework was exactly what I was looking for and learning prioritization is what I needed."



Bethany, TX

"My career is really thriving! She taught me how to create my system to be able to reach my goals…. I feel inspired, uplifted, focused, supported and equipped."


Michael, FL

"With MultiplyMe there's less energy expended on stuff that's not important. The most important thing I learned is that delegation is my leverage to freedom. I got a quality life that is beyond my wildest dreams."

Your Host April Garcia

International Business Adviser Performance Coach and Speaker on Productivity and Strategy. Host of April Garcia’s PivotMe® podcast and creator of the breakthrough digital course on Time Management & Productivity MultiplyMe® Hailed as “the Business Adviser you’d love to have a beer with” April Garcia is the Expert with an Edge.

By age 19, she had already begun her long tenure of entrepreneurship as a real estate investor, had started her first company, and bought a house before she could legally buy a beer. Later she graduated from numerous leadership academies, climbed the ladder as a top performer in the Financial and Telecom industry, received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, built several businesses and advised both U.S. and international corporations from start-up to billion-dollar businesses. April is an expert in sales and operations, particularly in increasing productivity and results in less time.