Join Us in Our Next PivotMe Academy’s Virtual Mastermind Event.


A Free Event to Get More Done, Set Your 3 Year Vision, and Learn the 1 Goal Tip that RULES them All!

Develop Performance Habits of the World Class and Live Life by Design.


What Makes This Mastermind Event Unique?

This is a truly live interactive call. It is not me standing on stage delivering a keynote speech, it is not a webinar where you listen in with a thousand other people—this is interactive. I want to know you. Your goals, your challenges, what gets in your way- all of it. Then, even in our short time together- I will help you CRUSH it.


This is the same expertise I give to my paying clients - so while others in the room will have paid to learn what it takes to crush their goals, design their success peer group, reach their highest potential and free up more time to build a life they love - you will get in absolutely FREE.


This isn’t a webinar packed with sales pitches, in fact, you can’t purchase anything at the event.  Why? Because this event is about learning strategies and actionable techniques that you can incorporate into your life right now, which means you can begin to witness the benefits of aligning your life in realtime.


I challenge you to bring a goal or a project you want to achieve. Even better if it’s one you’ve been procrastinating on.  Together in the event, we’ll break down  what’s keeping you from crushing this goal/project. You will walk away (well, it’s virtual so… you could just scoot your chair away…) with clear steps on how to attack this thing you’ve put off.  In addition, we’ll work on your 3-year vision…including milestones to hit along the way. I use this same training with big businesses, and they pay me a lot for my process. But I’m doing this one for free.


Why am I offering this for free? IMPACT. This is the purpose of my life. It’s why I speak, write, and podcast.

But here is the thing, if after this event, you are interested in applying to PivotMe Academy, then we can give you info on how.  My processes and frameworks speak for themselves, and the virtual event is an opportunity for you to test my techniques, and see how I teach and impact others and if it works with you.  No matter what- you’ll get a truckload of value from just the event.

So what kind of things are we going to cover?

Let me break it down.

In this event you’re going to learn

how to:

  • Define Your Vision: Create focus and set goals based on what you want to achieve, not where you are at. Learn how to untether yourself from your current circumstances.  Finally live the life you’ve worked so hard for. The life you earned.
  • Reset Your Mindset: Master your mindset and sack self-sabotage (we ALL self sabotage and I’ll show you how YOU do it and what to do about it). Learn easy steps to reset your brain and position you for more success. 
  • Create Leverage on Yourself: This will help propel you closer to your goals. I will help you learn how to motivate yourself, learn if you’re motivated by pain or by pleasure and how to use those feelings to achieve your big, hairy audacious goals (BHAGs). 
  • Multiply Your Productivity: Get 3X more work done in less time so that you can optimize the other areas of your life, still deliver great results, and spend more time with the people that matter, doing the things you love.
  • Reap The Rewards: Reach your highest potential without the risk of burnout and misery - sacrifice is not the price of admission to success. There is another way, I’ve helped thousands of people do it, and I’ll show you how.
  • Find Your Tribe: Interact with like-minded, high-performing and REAL people.  Their successes will propel you forward.  Your wins will help make them better too.  When you are intentional about designing your peer group, your goals no longer feel so far away.  This is CRUCIAL to shortcutting success.
  • Create Time for Your Health: Don’t only eat at your desk or on the go. Productivity and High Performance habits will give you time for leisurely lunches and gym sessions. 


Plus, you’ll get real-time coaching from me during the event. You’ll walk away with actionable insights you can implement immediately.

Learn how to implement performance habits that will give you the edge – without working more less!

During this event, you will learn what it means to maximize your productivity while minimizing your work hours.

You’ll discover how to access the cutting edge tools and goal-crushing strategies adopted by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in the world.

AND joining you will be other like-minded entrepreneurs and business builders who are serious about leveling up their success and scaling down stress.


You’ll discover how to access the cutting-edge tools and goal-crushing strategies adopted by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in the world.


AND joining you will be other like-minded entrepreneurs and business builders who are serious about leveling up their success and scaling down stress.


Who is April?


April Garcia

Performance Coach and Business Adviser

Founder of PivotMe Academy and host of April Garcia’s PivotMe® podcast, April is hailed as “the Business Adviser you’d love to have a beer with”. April Garcia is the Expert with an Edge.

By age 19, she began her long tenure of entrepreneurship as a real estate investor, had started her first company, and bought a house before she could
legally buy a beer.

Later she graduated from numerous leadership academies, climbed the ladder as a top performer in the Financial and Telecom industry, received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, built several businesses and advised both U.S. and international corporations from start up to billion-dollar businesses.

April is an expert in growing revenue, sales and operations, increasing productivity and helping business owners obtain (re)balance so they have time to enjoy the life they earned.

She knows what it takes to change your story, remove limiting beliefs, create high-performance habits, and teaches people how to add time into their schedules.

She is a former scientist, passionate adventurer, and has visited over 45 countries leading humanitarian teams around the world (ask her about La Jefa).

She has survived cholera, dysentery, rabies treatment, and one military coup- almost two. She has completed triathlons and endurance races despite having Lupus, which can be debilitating.

Although she’s a corporate badass, she is also a loving mother and wife. When she’s not in the boardroom or on the microphone, she can be found in the mountains camping with her family.